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Please note that Covid certification is mandatory at Balgrist University Hospital. Find out here which areas are affected.

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Thanks to a cutting-edge new surgical technique, a patient with Dropped head syndrome was successfully treated without the necessity of me-tallic implants and fusion. The surgical technique was developed at the University Spine Center Zurich.

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The FAROS project aims to develop the next generation of surgical robotics that that scan, hear, feel and act. The research project brings together leading European institutes.

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A team at Balgrist University Hospital successfully completed the first holographically navigated spine surgery.

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The IRP Schellenberg Research Prize 2020 is awarded to Professors Patrick Freund, Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland, and Jonas Frisén, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. The award ceremony will take place on October 1st, 2020 in Basel.

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In view of the current position regarding the coronavirus, Balgrist University Hospital is offering virtual consultations as a supplementary service for outpatients.

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Research and technology leads to cutting-edge orthopedic medicine

Balgrist University Hospital is a university hospital dedicated to patients with musculoskeletal disorders. For the medical director, Prof. Mazda Farshad, MD, it is clear: "We want to remedy musculoskeletal problems and improve the quality of life of our patients. The mission as a university hospital is to be responsible for the evolution of the future of musculoskeletal medicine." Also thanks to the use of technology. On our focus page, you can learn how we use technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality to improve patient care.

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Our offer at a glance

Orthopedics and cutting-edge medicine

We provide you with an excellent medical service. At Balgrist University Hospital you will be cared for by a team of renowned, internationally recognised specialists in musculoskeletal and spinal damage and pain.

Our offer

Paraplegia: Treatment in a family setting

Our spinal cord injury centrer provides comprehensive medical care for patients with spinal cord injuries. We are closer to research, the therapies of tomorrow, and closer to life – with a family atmosphere.

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Balgrist Privé: Meeting the highest standards

The private wards at Balgrist offer you a well-coordinated range of services of a very high standard. Our core competencies: medicine, nursing care, therapy, hotel services and comfort.

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Balgrist University Hospital
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By public transport

  • From Zurich main station, take a number 11 tram in the direction of Rehalp and alight at the Balgrist tram stop.
  • From Stadelhofen station, take the S18 Forchbahn towards Esslingen or a number 11 tram in the direction of Rehalp and alight at the Balgrist tram stop.

By car

  • Parking is available at the hospital for outpatients and visitors but the number of spaces is very limited. You have to purchase your parking time from the machines. We encourage you to take public transport for your arrival.